DAWN marks Frieder Nagels ́ first release on 7K! and is accompanied by a stunning visual work in black and white. Re-imagining a vast planet out of rock, ice and water the musicvideo focusses on the beauty of random structures on the earth ́s surface. The almost meditative imagery contrasts the tension within the music while Nagel keeps up adding more and more complex melodic layers.The laid back improvised rhodes solo works as an allegory for solitude, but also tells a story about departure and a new beginning while we witness the worlds first living creature floating through an ocean of dark water and rough waves.


DAWN is featured on Ambient Layers, the new compilation from 7K!’s Layers series dedicated to the discovery of new sensations in the space between acoustic and electronic elements. Across 20 exclusive tracks Ambient Layers traverses the sonic planes, analysing and manipulating the world around us to redefine contemporary ambient music as we know it.

Frieder Nagel interview By digital in Berlin


"With only two ep´s released by french imprint InFiné Music, german composer and newcomer Frieder Nagel has already collaborated with David August and Daniel Brandt, appeared on Boiler Room and played at the Reeperbahn Festival. He writes regularly for orchestra, dance, theater as well as documentary film – always luring his listeners into a mystical world, full of warm synths and detailed sound clusters [...]"

Frieder Nagel remixes French Mastermind RONE


Frieder Nagel´s remix is a warm, straightforward Techno roller that opens up and closes in waves, taking the listener into outer space, reliving the pulsating, climactic energy of “Esperanza“. He takes the source material and gives it some extra punch.

RONE Esperanza (Frieder Nagel Remix) will be out December 4th on "Views of a Room" via french imprint InFiné alongside reworks by Maceo Plex, Mathew Jonson, Plaid, Sutja Gutierrez and many more!