Frieder Nagel live in PAris / May 2023

The Paris Music Festival is bringing music to the most unexpected and unusual places inside the french capitals city center. Visitors can expect a extraordinary sonic experience questioning and at the same time challenging our expectations towards cultural heritage. In association with the Paris City Hall, the festival transforms Paris into the European capital of music and a space for creation presenting all musical styles, from pop to contemporary music, from rap to classical music, from jazz to electronic music. Frieder Nagel is going to perform an electronic live-set at the Musée de Art et Métiers in a line-up together with artists like Deena Abdelwahed, Arnaud Denzler or Phillipe Cohen Solal.


Frieder Nagel live at Musée de Arts et Metiérs | 19.05.2023 | 20:00


Frieder Nagel performing live on a rooftop his latest remix for Santé & feat. Jim Hickey. The audio frequencies are transformed into a giant digital mapping by acclaimed french artist Maotik. The track was originally produced by House Music legends Santé & and is included in a remix package w/ Roy Rosenfeld, Steven Weston and Eins Tiefer. The electronic set was recorded during RAUHNÄCHTE FESTIVAL, a single event during the corona pandemic - showcasing audiovisual art from all around the world inside the old town of Nuremberg, Germany.

Produced by Projektbüro Kultur | Stadt Nürnberg
Supported by Neustart Kultur & Die Beautragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien

Frieder Nagel produces new soundtrack

Full orchestra, several choirs, organ and tons of synthesizers go into this beauty of a soundtrack by Johann Pätzold aka Secret of Elements. Frieder Nagel had the pleasure to re-arrange and produce 12 tracks out of this 3-hours-long documentary about the re-construction of Notre Dame after its desastrous fire. The music results in combining sacred music, emotional ambient layers and epic orchestral instrumentation that accompany the rebirth of one of the most grandiose cathedrals in European history.


"Rebuilding Notre Dame" will be broadcasted on March 4, 2023 on the French-German channel Arte. The soundtrack album will be released 10th of march via InFiné Music Paris.