Berghain Kantine | BERLIN | March 6th 2020

Double-concert presented by french underground imprint InFiné and ByteFM feat. rumanian pianist Mischa Blanos presenting his new album "Indoors" and composer Frieder Nagel giving a first glimpse on his second ep.

doors 20:00 | start 20:30

 Frieder Nagel offers up a mystical world, full of warm synths and detailed sound clusters. He invites his listeners to get lost in an universe that spans from euphoric to devastating excitement. His debut ep Distract Robots (2019 | InFiné Music) was described by XLR8R as an "otherworldly treat tak[ing] the listener down a constantly morphing auditory wormhole full of light, darkness, and cosmic bliss". The producer and composer is known for bringing David August and the German Symphonic Orchestra together in 2016. In the same year Nagels stage debut was published by Boiler Room and he performed at Philharmonie Essen, the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg as well as underground clubs like Acud in Berlin, Nr. z. Pl. in Bielefeld or K4 in Nuremberg. His remix for experimental artist La Boum Fatale entered German Clubcharts #25, besides Nagel delivered dj-sets for Berlins Radio station Flux FM or Ego FM in Munich and produced the musicvideo for Daniel Brandt´s Track Flamingo published by London based label Erased Tapes. Last summer he composed the music for Don Juan Techno Club by japanese choreographer Fukiko Takase at Gluck Festspiele Nuremberg and for the interactive documentary Field Trip by Eva Stotz about Berlin´s abandoned airport Tempelhof. Frieder Nagels second ep is going to be released by french label InFiné in the beginning of 2020 alongside his first Tour. 

upcoming Clubnights hosted by Frieder Nagel

YokoClub | Hamburg

Z-Bau | Nürnberg

latest release


Distract Robots - 12" Vinyl | Digital


I They kept walking

II Blossom


IV Obey feat. Mima

V Evolve





"Distract Robots is an otherworldly treat; its five tracks take the listener down a constantly morphing auditory wormhole full of light, darkness, and cosmic bliss [...] the listener is presented with a set of dystopic ballads and pensive, melancholic outings that carry deep, emotive cores. Distract Robots is a debut of staggering details and depth, and one that warrants many return visits."



"One can find a secure feeling for melodies, impressing even more, if you know that Frieder Nagel is a self-taught musician. Dark and intriguing are his productions filled with synthesizers, simple rhythms yet astonishing intensity."

Tsugi (FR)


"One of the few electronic releases, you could show your classical-music-loving parents easily [...] warm synths flying around together with delays and a nostalgic baseline pulsating underneath. Detailled effects everywhere, really good harmonies and exciting arrangements (10/10)."

Faze Mag (DE)



Frieder Nagel on Boiler Room

latest collaborations


Don Juan reimagened as a contemporary dance & techno acoustic dance performance

choreography: Fukiko Takase | music by Daniel Brandt & Frieder Nagel | dancers: Martin Anguili, Aika Tsuchida, Thomas Rohe ... 





Field Trip is an open source documentary about an unconventional place: Tempelhof Field - an airfield in the heart of Berlin metropolis. Field Trip tells the story of what, for some, is a 300 hectare free urban paradise, for others a place of forced labour, and for yet more a safe haven. By using the technique of open hypervideo and intense on-site and online community development, Field Trip aims at becoming a living documentary.

directed by Eva Stotz | produced by Ronja Film in collaboration with Tagesspiegel | music by Frieder Nagel ...

premiered summer 2019 


The musicvideo promotes the latest release "Flamingo" by Daniel Brandt, co-founder of the legendary Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble. Filmed at the infamous club location E-Werk it takes its viewer to an audiovisuell art installation showcasing the artists band stand and light installation.

directed by Daniel Brandt | produced by Frieder Nagel | DoP: Andreas Waldschütz | released by Erased Tapes London 2018