This is Ambient Layers, the new compilation from 7K!’s Layers series dedicated to the discovery of new sensations in the space between acoustic and electronic elements. Across 20 exclusive tracks Ambient Layers traverses the sonic planes, analysing and manipulating the world around us to redefine contemporary ambient music as we know it.


In a moment in which travelling has become a little more complicated, we have curated a collection of songs that encourage you to wander with the mind, aided by the exploratory sounds of ambient music.


Ambient Layers features Frieder Nagel´s new track DAWN narrating about the feeling that one can sense when the first birds start to sing in the morning - something in between farewell and a new beginning.


Read more about the track premiere of DAWN via DIGITAL IN BERLIN.


Frieder Nagel remixes French Mastermind RONE


Frieder Nagel´s remix is a warm, straightforward Techno roller that opens up and closes in waves, taking the listener into outer space, reliving the pulsating, climactic energy of “Esperanza“. He takes the source material and gives it some extra punch.

RONE Esperanza (Frieder Nagel Remix) will be out December 4th on "Views of a Room" via french imprint InFiné alongside reworks by Maceo Plex, Mathew Jonson, Plaid, Sutja Gutierrez and many more!


Laissez-Faire Podcast #29 - Frieder Nagel | out now


Frieder Nagel´s new Dj-Set is featured on the latest installment of the Laissez-Faire podcast series. Laissez-Faire is a party and art collective based in the middle of the woods in North-Bavaria. With their partys and community events they offer space for open dialogue and diversity in a region that has none to zero cultural activities for the youth. Starting with illegal raves, they now have their own cottage by the river and even a seat in the municipal council.


Ambient compilation "Musicactivists 2020" | out now


Frieder Nagel´s new track Menschenleer, a musical reflection of the vast and emptied public spaces during the corona crisis, is now part of the astonishing "over 2 hours long" ambient compilation Musicactivists by french label InFiné. Alongside Frieder Nagel the release features contributions from artists like Carl Craig, Stimming, Rone, Deena Abdelwahed, Leonie Pernet and many more... .

All income generated by Musicactivists 2020 will go 100% to the artists involved to support their work during the crisis.