Andi Fischer paints to "DAWN" by FRieder Nagel

Alongside his solo exhibition at Fierze London ´22 acclaimed artist Andi Fischer gives insights into his work process in this short portrait produced by Benjamin Held for Sies + Höke.

Santé & "CAVE" Frieder Nagel Remix Out Now

Following the critically acclaimed launch of their label LSF21+ just a year ago, German brothers Santé & Re.You now look to expand on the success of their inaugural release Road To Sanrey as they announce a remix package of epic proportions. Including remixes by Roy Rosenfeld, Steven Weston, Frieder Nagel, Eins Tiefer and previous released remixes by Avidus, Ae:ther and Musumeci. Additionally reworked tracks by the two brothers.

Frieder Nagel rework OF Francesca Guiccone´s

"River AT 6pm" out now on Whales Records

French imprint Whales Records by acclaimed pianist Julien Marchal releases a stunning rework compilation of Francesca Guiccone´s debut album Muqataea including artists such as Robot Koch, Throwing Snow, Hélène Vogelsinger, Arandel and many more. Frieder Nagel´s rework of the track River at 6pm is a dark and melancholic trip to an imaginary shore - an ambient track about the subconscius as well as those human emotions, that lie hidden under the surface of our self-image. 


The italian composer and violinist Francesca Guccione debut album "Muqataea" is dedicated to the composers homeland Sicily and describes it through a point of view between reality and imagination. Guccione states: "I'm really excited that all the artists involved in the project of the album "Muqataea Reworks" have added their personal point of view through their music and creativity. I believe that art brings people together and so the collaboration between artists is very important because it can give beauty to our society through dialogue and cultural exchanges."


FRieder Nagel + MAotik "THE ARRIVAL - A/V"

THE ARRIVAL takes its viewers on an epic journey to explore the unknown and inexplicable. It marks the first collaboration of german composer and musician Frieder Nagel with the digital artist Mathieu Le Sourd aka MAOTIK from France. Confronted with something still unknown but yet to come, intuition fills our minds with mixed emotions of suspense, insecureness, expectation and fear. Change is one inevitable ingredient of what makes live itself possible and still leaves us often overwhelmed. At the same time there is a certain excitement before doing steps towards change or literally arriving at a new place, that is still unknown. Frieder Nagel built THE ARRIVAL to capture these feelings and let people astonish about an unreal momentum. THE ARRIVAL has been shown in Luxembourg, France and Germany so far...