Frieder Nagel X Maotik live at Scopitone Festival France

11. September 2021 | Warehouse Nantes

The audiovisual live show THE ARRIVAL takes its viewers on an epic journey to explore the unknown and inexplicable. It marks the first collaboration of german composer and musician Frieder Nagel with the digital artist Mathieu Le Sourd aka MAOTIK from France. Confronted with something still unknown but yet to come, intuition fills our minds with mixed emotions of suspense, insecureness, expectation and fear. Change is one inevitable ingredient of what makes live itself possible and still leaves us often overwhelmed. At the same time there is a certain excitement before doing steps towards change or literally arriving at a new place, that is still unknown. Frieder Nagel built THE ARRIVAL to capture these feelings and let people astonish about an unreal momentum. Creating his own audiovisual tools and generating visuals with algorithms to transform the usual perceptions of space, Maotik transferred Nagel´s release into an epic visual journey through the unknown and inexplicable.


After its premier at the Multiplica Festival in Luxembourg City in February this extraordinary audiovisual live-show is now heading to Scopitone Festival in France.

Frieder Nagel live at Kolorit Festival Berlin 2021

End of August invites the agency Von der Haardt and the gART.n for music and arts festival atmosphere in one of the most beautiful underground venues of Berlin. In painting, color refers to the selection in harmony, shading and composition of the various colors in a painting. In this sense, the term is used in many arts and also serves as a metaphorical description of a culture in music. As an interdisciplinary performance, we combine various musical genres such as ambient, neo-classical and electronics with light installations and short films, thus bringing color to a new level.

The Arrival EP out now

Last autumn, when concerts and live music were still not possible Frieder Nagel looked for alternative ways to present his music. He created an audiovisual installation called "Sonido Blanco" at the top of a magnificient old tree which seemed to spring to life when park goers passed by at night. Being installed and developed together with light artist Stephan Scheiderer for over two months the tree more and more gave the impression that it could lift off and leave this earth at any second as it was covered in a myriad of colours. The accompanying musical composition combined abstract ambient noise and distant, melancholic melodies and laid the foundations for his new EP The Arrival published by Paris based label InFiné in the beginning of 2021 besides one of Nagel´s earlier orchestral works performed by the Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester of Berlin. 

Frieder Nagel remixes French sUPERSTAR RONE

Frieder Nagel´s remix is a warm, straightforward Techno roller that opens up and closes in waves, taking the listener into outer space, reliving the pulsating, climactic energy of “Esperanza“. He takes the source material and gives it some extra punch. RONE Esperanza (Frieder Nagel Remix) will be out December 4th 2020 on "Views of a Room" via french imprint InFiné alongside reworks by Maceo Plex, Mathew Jonson, Plaid, Sutja Gutierrez and many more!