Frieder Nagel (DJ) - 15years of InfIné Records -

For 15 years already, InFiné has operated as a safe haven for diversity and musical innovation. A groups of music activists, proud of their independence and the label’s motto “easy music for the hard to please”, InFiné accompanies innovative artists from diverse geographical and cultural backgrounds, sharing common values around the defence of sustainable music. With Deena Abdelwahed, Gaspar Claus, Léonie Pernet, Vanessa Wagner, Rone, Sabrina Bellaouel, Mischa Blanos, Toh Imago, Aārp, Basile3, UTO, O’o, Cindy Pooch, Seb Martel & more to come


Join us to celebrate these first fifteen years on the 13th & 14th November 2021 during a weekend of festivities, concerts and meetings at the Centquatre-Paris or in Berlin at our concert & clubnight at Zenner May 13th 2022.


13. November 2021 | Centquatre Paris

13. May 2022 | Zenner BErlin

Frieder Nagel rework OF Francesca Guiccone´s

"River AT 6pm" out on Whales Records April 26th 2022

French imprint Whales Records by acclaimed pianist Julien Marchal releases a stunning rework compilation of Francesca Guiccone´s debut album Muqataea including artists such as Robot Koch, Throwing Snow, Hélène Vogelsinger, Arandel and many more. Frieder Nagel´s rework of the track River at 6pm is a dark and melancholic trip to an imaginary shore - an ambient track about the subconscius as well as those human emotions, that lie hidden under the surface of our self-image. 


The italian composer and violinist Francesca Guccione debut album "Muqataea" is dedicated to the composers homeland Sicily and describes it through a point of view between reality and imagination. Guccione states: "I'm really excited that all the artists involved in the project of the album "Muqataea Reworks" have added their personal point of view through their music and creativity. I believe that art brings people together and so the collaboration between artists is very important because it can give beauty to our society through dialogue and cultural exchanges."


FRieder Nagel + MAotik "THE ARRIVAL - A/V"

After the premier at Multiplica Festival in Luxembourg City in February and its much acclaimed performance at Scopitone Festival in Nantes the audiovisual live-show THE ARRIVAL is now heading to the Festival Rauhnächte in Nuremberg, Germany. The Festival happens in the city´s medieval center right in between christmas and new years eve.


THE ARRIVAL takes its viewers on an epic journey to explore the unknown and inexplicable. It marks the first collaboration of german composer and musician Frieder Nagel with the digital artist Mathieu Le Sourd aka MAOTIK from France. Confronted with something still unknown but yet to come, intuition fills our minds with mixed emotions of suspense, insecureness, expectation and fear. Change is one inevitable ingredient of what makes live itself possible and still leaves us often overwhelmed. At the same time there is a certain excitement before doing steps towards change or literally arriving at a new place, that is still unknown. Frieder Nagel built THE ARRIVAL to capture these feelings and let people astonish about an unreal momentum.


Creating his own audiovisual tools and generating visuals with algorithms to transform the usual perceptions of space, Maotik transferred Nagel´s release into an epic visual journey through the unknown and inexplicable. The Rauhnächte edition of THE ARRIVAL will be realised as an audiovisual soundart-installation in public space with free access for the general public from Dec 28th - 30th 2021 at Bibelmuseum Bayern in Nuremberg.


Multiplica Festival Luxembourg - 26. February 2021

Scopitone Festival NANTES - 11. September 2021

RAuhnächte Festival NUREMBERG - 28. - 30. DEC 2021

`REFUGEES´ (Frieder Nagel REWORK) out now

Italian violinist & composer Laura Masotto has collaborated with Roger Goula to create the track ‘Refugees’ a deep observation of the human condition in relation to the ongoing migrant crisis and part of her recent album WE: “Roger Goula and I have worked closely while composing and it feels like Frieder has continued the process with empathy. Frieder Nagel's rework both gave a new life to the piece but is also keeping a strong connection with the original work”, comments Masotto. REFUGEES (FRIEDER NAGEL REWORK) is out now via 7K! records.