This is a special one. Having moved from classical composition and experimental ambient and jazz to a much more electronic approach over the years, one can hear Frieder Nagels artistic development clearly in his interpretation of Paschburgs work.

Through the remix of Flâneur he created a fictious dialoque between the two composers and their different approach to the piano. He mirrors Niklas Paschburgs play and complements his melodic structure in a total different tune way below the original harmonics. All this happens above a complex loop built out of the core elements of Paschburgs track.

Frieder Nagel also had the pleasure to invite drummer Gerwin Eisenhauer in his studio, who is known for having toured the world with his infamous and challenging experimental group "Trio Elf". After sending Paschburgs piano through a collection of analogue filters creating an atmosphere of suspense the track reaches its climax where the three artists meet. Nagels synthesizers come into play and merge together with the drums, piano and all musical elements within the typical outburst of melancholic euphoria for which Frieder Nagel is loved.

InFiné Music released their new pianoday compilation 2024 featuring one of Frieder Nagel´s meditative compositions named "Menschenleer". The Album includes works by artists like Francesco Tristano, Bruce Brubaker, Vanessa Wagner and Rone, that defined the french labels identity and soundaesthetic over the years:


" 'Not For Piano', composed by Francesco Tristano, was the first album released by InFiné. With its evocative title and tracks, it defined one of the major trajectories of our catalog. It sanctified the piano as the label's primary musical vehicle while expressing our desire to push the instrument into unexplored territories. Since then, we've encouraged established artists such as pianists Vanessa Wagner and Bruce Brubaker to introduce us to a repertoire of minimalist music, while accompanying a generation of artists like Mischa Blanos, Bachar Mar Khalifé, or Aufgang in bringing the piano into the realms of electronic or alternative music."

Frieder Nagel delivers a new podcast for 8day Montreal. His latest Dj-set brings together established figures and hidden talents from europe to brazil. Focusing on Techno and Progressive House the set is building up constantly and delivering one fresh track after another. A perfect auditive trip meant to warm up the year 2024.