"The Arrival could be the best he has done so far..."



THE ARRIVAL is a audiovisual live show developed together with digital artist MAOTIK and premiered at Multiplica Festival. It got invited to Scopitone Festival in Nantes and Rauhnächte Festival Nuremberg. Frieder Nagel created the music for THE ARRIVAL to let people astonish about an unreal momentum. Creating his own audio visual tools and generating visuals with algorithms to transform the usual perceptions of space, Maotik transferred Nagel`s release into an epic visual journey through the unknown and inexplicable. Confronted with something still unknown but yet to come, intuition fills our minds with mixed emotions of suspense, insecureness, expectation and fear. Change is one inevitable ingredient of what makes live itself possible and still leaves us often overwhelmed. At the same time there is a certain excitement before doing steps towards change or literally arriving at a new place, that is still unknown. THE ARRIVAL captures all of this feelings in an incomparable audiovisual liveshow.


THE ARRIVAL A/V at Warehouse Nantes / Scopitone Festival


„We tend to judge or have an opinion about everything new very quick as a way of survival in our multioptional lives within the digital age. THE ARRIVAL is nothing more than an invitation to let things go and make us wonder and question without trying to answer or explain. What is so great about the work of Mathieu is that he creates not a visual show in a traditional sense of watching something it`s more like loosing yourself inside of the visuals. It is really similar to what you can experience if you watch the sea or if you watch the sunset but in a digital or in an urban context.“


Frieder Nagel in conversation with Maxence Grugier



THE ARRIVAL originated from the audiovisual installation "Sonido Blanco". A Soundart and Light installation installed in the top of a tree during the pandemic leaving visitors in awe as it hid audio and light equipment in the top of trees that automatically started to play for passersby - both mysterious and romantic. Parts of the ambient composition have been released by french imprint InFiné Music as an ep alongside Frieder Nagel´s early composition Para featuring Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin. As soon as stages opened again after the Pandemic Frieder Nagel was asked to develop a audiovisual live show together with MAOTIK out of his installation to re-open Rotondes Luxembourg during Multiplica Festival alongside Ryoichi Kurokawa.