"Dark and intriguing are his productions filled with synthesizers, simple rhythms yet astonishing intensity."  Tsugi (FR)

Frieder Nagel is a classical composer who plays in techno clubs. A sound artist who creates trees, that play and glow in the dark. A music producer and arrangeur for documentaries about burning cathedrals and abandoned airports. An electronic music artist who goes on stage with symphony orchestras or woodwind ensembles. According to Groove (DE) he „combines Jazz, neo-classical, synthetics and broken beats with supreme ease“. XLR8R describes his music as an "otherworldly treat taking the listener down a constantly morphing auditory wormhole". The German newcomer lives in the north bavarian woods and has released three eps on InFiné from Paris so far since 2019 - all praised by fans and critics worldwide.


His dj-sets are still rare yet irresistible, massive and with a clear "Berlin" touch as he learned his skills in underground partys at the city´s infamous northern district Wedding. In 2021 he could flex his muscles on the main stage of Centquatre Paris, where he played after french superstar RONE and left the dancing crowd desperate for more. In the same year he produced an audiovisual liveshow together with acclaimed digital artist Maotik for the Multiplica Festival in Luxembourg. The different audiofrequencies of his music were transformed into a psychedelic, colourful trip and the duo got booked to perform also at the Scopitone Festival in Nantes later that year.


Catching the attention of the legendary house producers Santé and Re.you, Frieder Nagel got invited to remix one of the first releases on their new label LSF21+ besides established figures like Steven Weston or Roy Rosenfeld. He celebrated its release in 2022 with a stunning performance on a rooftop in front of a giant three-dimensional projection mapping at the german Rauhnächte Festival - a singular event during the pandemic showcasing audiovisual art from all around the world inside the old town of Nuremberg.

But Frieder Nagel has also much quieter moments. His meditative and introspective ambient track "Dawn" published by K7! in 2020 was a secret hit featured on over 2500 Spotify playlists and being promoted by dutch superstar Ferry Corsten and David Puentez. His outdoor audiovisual installation "Sonido Blanco" has left visitors in awe as he hid audio and light equipment in the top of trees that automatically started to play for passersby - both mysterious and romantic. Also he reworked classical compositions by the italian violinsts Laura Masotto from Verona and Francesca Guccione from Sicily.

Besides Frieder Nagel´s productions skills are widely known. He promoted several concerts and shows in Berlin with guests like Martin Kohlstedt, Labelle from Reunion Island or David August, whom he brought together with the German Symphonic Orchestra. He produced a music video for Daniel Brandt from the London based label Erased Tapes and developed a contemporary dance opera together with japanese choreographer and dancer Fukiko Takase. In 2023 he was happy to produce the Original Soundtrack Album "Rebuilding Notre Dame" out of a three-hour-long documentary commissioned by french/german tv station ARTE and composed by his labelmate Secret of Elements.



Frieder Nagel is part of the electronic art program by Vpby e.V. This means everybody booking Frieder Nagel can apply for the financial support of their event. Please let us know through if you would like further information about the program: mail@friedernagel.com