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Happy about the premiere of PARA 05/2014. I uploaded a shortened version of this piece for electronics, piano & chamber orchestra. Headphones recommended. Performed by Bayerisches Kammerorchester.

Very inspiring to meet the composer Werner Heider at Friends & Friends release concert 11/2013. We improvised together, searching for parallel soundscapes by merging classic piano with electronics.

Friends & Friends was released on Honigtee Music (11/20/2013). As executive producer of this album by Norbert Nagel, I was happy to work with such acclaimed musicians as Wolfgang Haffner, Angela Denoke, Thilo Wolf and Andreas Blüml. The digital release (01/20/2014) comes with all those tracks of Friends & Friends, in which I joined in the recording sessions with electronic instruments.


You can get the digital release here.

I wrote the piece HERMANA DEL ALMA for the concert Astor Piazzollas Erben by BR 4 Classic, which celebrated the influence of this great composer on so many musical genres. Since I had been asked to include an electronic part, I mixed up a drum machine loop with rhythmic strings and lead clarinet resulting in romantic tango patterns.

"A little miracle happens in Fürth, when Czurda and Vogtmann create storys from these poems, form little dialogues out of short verses and narrate with the lyrical words of Szymborska (...). Director Werner Müller sends his actors on a trip that leads directly into the heads of the audience."

Nürnberger Nachrichten, 31 Oct 2011 



Noise and drone compositions as well as adaptations of Polish tangos and folk songs provide the spatial backdrop for the action adjoining the poems and portraying the subtext of Szymborka‘s lyrics. Parts of the composition diverge from, run antagonistically to, or condense with regard to the central plot without them being locatable directly.


Ich verspeise Himmel was honored as the outstanding project of 2012 at 30th Bavarian Days of Theater in Augsburg and toured to Czernowicz, Ukraine.


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premiere: 28.10.11



Johannes Brunner, a T3 and I went on a two month trip through the Asturian Mountains in Northern Spain to collect fieldrecordings. The resultant library has been used in a lot of works since then. You can download and use these four atmos in your own music, if you like.