Italian violinist & composer Laura Masotto has collaborated with Roger Goula to create the track ‘Refugees’ a deep observation of the human condition in relation to the ongoing migrant crisis and part of her recent album WE: “Roger Goula and I have worked closely while composing and it feels like Frieder has continued the process with empathy. Frieder Nagel's rework both gave a new life to the piece but is also keeping a strong connection with the original work”, comments Masotto. REFUGEES (FRIEDER NAGEL REWORK) is out November 5th, 2021 via 7K! records.


ep | 2021


Last autumn, when concerts and live music were still not possible Frieder Nagel looked for alternative ways to present his music. He created an audiovisual installation called "Sonido Blanco" at the top of a magnificient old tree which seemed to spring to life when park goers passed by at night. Being installed and developed together with light artist Stephan Scheiderer for over two months the tree more and more gave the impression that it could lift off and leave this earth at any second as it was covered in a myriad of colours. The accompanying musical composition combined abstract ambient noise and distant, melancholic melodies and laid the foundations for his new EP The Arrival published by Paris based label InFiné in the beginning of 2021 besides one of Nagel´s earlier orchestral works performed by the Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester of Berlin. 

Esperanza - Frieder Nagel remix

remix | 2020



ep | 2020



ep | 2019



single | 2020



single | 2020



single | 2016


Xennial Sehnsucht - Frieder Nagel remix

remix | 2021


Walls - Frieder Nagel remix

remix | 2016