ep | 2021



ep | 2020


Esperanza - Frieder Nagel remix

single | 2020



single | 2020




12´´ vinyl  | 2019

"Distract Robots is an otherworldly treat; its five tracks take the listener down a constantly morphing auditory wormhole full of light, darkness, and cosmic bliss [...] the listener is presented with a set of dystopic ballads and pensive, melancholic outings that carry deep, emotive cores. Distract Robots is a debut of staggering details and depth, and one that warrants many return visits."  XLR8R (US)


I They kept walking

II Blossom

III Obey feat. Mima

IV Run

V Evolve (live)


feat. Wolfgang Haffner (drums)

& Mark Wyand (sax)


single | 2020



single | 2016


Commissioned works (selection)

2020 | Podcast for Laissez Faire e.V. Schwarzenbruck

2020 | Soundtrack for "Magdeburg in Light" Videomapping Installation Dom Magdeburg

2020 | Soundart for Lost&Found Art Exhibition Nürnberg

2020 | Podcast for WDR COSMO | Selektor

2019 | Podcast for Resonanzraum Festival Hamburg
2019 | Soundart for the theater play "König Ubu" at Stadttheater Fürth

2019 | Composition for Don Juan Techno Club | Dance Opera w/ Daniel Brandt, Fukiko Takase a. o. at International Gluck Festspiele
2019 | Soundtrack for the interactive documentary Field.trip by Eva Stotz
2019 | Soundtrack for "Tout Contre Marseille" by Eva Stotz in collaboration with Goethe Institute and
2019 | Podcast for EgoFM Munich | Electrostern
2019 | Podcast for FLUX Radio Berlin | Klubsandwich

2018 | Soundart for the theater play "Mutter Courage" at Stadttheater Fürth

2017 | Composition for Electronic Liveset & Woodwind Ensemble at Philharmonie Essen & KKQ Nürnberg

2016 | Composition for Electronic Liveset & Ensemble at Reeperbahn Festival Hamburg

2016 | Composition for German Symphonic Orchestra "Ostinato-project" w/ David August at Radialsystem V Berlin

2015 | Soundtrack for 10 short documentaries "Der dritte Blick" exhibition at Willy-Brandt-Haus Berlin

2015 | Audiovisual project "Rue" w/ Tobias Szabo

2014 | Composition "Para" for chamber ensemble Bad Brückenau

2014 | Composition "Improvisation" w/ Werner Heider

2012 | Soundtrack "Being Herr Eberhard(t)" short film by Moritz Hüttner

2012 | Composition "Hermana del Alma" for chamber ensemble Kontraste w/ BR Klassik

2011 | Soundtrack "Pim and June. Fortune" short film by Moritz Hüttner

2011 | Composition and soundart for the theaterplay "Ich verspeise Himmel" at Stadttheater Fürth

2010 | Soundtrack for the animatic short "Vorare" by Tobias Szabo