Andi Fischer paints to "DAWN" by FRieder Nagel

Alongside his solo exhibition at Fierze London ´22 acclaimed artist Andi Fischer gives insights into his work process in this short portrait produced by Benjamin Held for Sies + Höke.

"All by Marseille" screens at the Arquitetura Filmfestival in Lisbon 2021 at Cinema São Jorge

How can we live together in cities as a community? The film “All by Marseille” looks at the influence of urban architecture on social encounters in Marseille. Twelve inhabitants are portrayed living and working in three locations around the city, capturing different periods in time and approaches tackling this topic. During filming a number of residential buildings in the city centre collapsed, reflecting how communal living is being endangered by aggressive gentrification.


directed by Eva Stotz

produced by Goethe Institute

music by Frieder Nagel


"Field Trip" wins best VR/interactive Documentary at Melbourne documentary Film Festival 2020

The open source documentary also wins at the Lovie Awards 2020 in the categories Documentary and People´s Lovie. Field Trip is about an unconventional place: Tempelhof Field - an airfield in the heart of Berlin metropolis. It tells the story of what, for some, is a 300 hectare free urban paradise, for others a place of forced labour, and for yet more a safe haven. By using the technique of open hypervideo and intense on-site and online community development, Field Trip aims at becoming a living documentary.


directed by Eva Stotz

co-produced by Tagesspiegel

music by Frieder Nagel

VR/Interactive Documentary

frieder nagel x fukiko takase x daniel brandt


internationale gluck festspiele nuREMberg

Don Juan reimagened as a contemporary dance & techno acoustic dance performance premiered at INTERNATIONALE GLUCK FESTSPIELE summer 2019 | choreography: Fukiko Takase | music by Frieder Nagel & Daniel Brandt | dancers: Martin Anguili, Aika Tsuchida, Thomas Rohe, Sarah Enrich Bertran, Stephen Quildan | Ballet Masters: Po Lin Tung, Davide Di Pretoro | costumes: Tanja Jesek | dramaturgy: Rainer Mennicken | production: Internationale Gluck Festspiele | idea & project management: Frieder Nagel | musicians: Wolfgang Aue, Anja Schaller, Cornelius Bönsch, Daniel Brandt, Frieder Nagel | photography by Ludwig Olah

New musicvideo "flamingo" by Daniel brandt for london based Erased tapes produced by Frieder nagel

The musicvideo promotes the latest release "Flamingo" by Daniel Brandt, co-founder of the legendary Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble. Filmed at the infamous club location E-Werk it takes its viewer to an audiovisuell art installation showcasing the artists band stand and light installation | directed by Daniel Brandt | produced by Frieder Nagel | DoP: Andreas Waldschütz | released by Erased Tapes London 2018

Frieder NAgel produces soundtrack for 10 short portraits of photographers at willy-brandt-haus berlin

Soundtrack for 10 short portraits about a generation of photographers born in the German Democratic Republic and their specific view due to the breadown of the berlin wall and the Soviet Union - including acclaimed photographers like Andreas Mühe or Julian Röder. The short films were shown as part of the exhibition "Der Dritte Blick" at Willy Brandt Haus Berlin and Stadtgalerie Kiel from 2015-2016.