Frieder Nagel Reworks Compositions by Italian Violonists Laura Masotto and Francesca Guccione

left: Laura Masotto | right: coverart of Muqataea by Guccione


Italian violinist & composer Laura Masotto has collaborated with film composer Roger Goula to create the track ‘Refugees’ a deep observation of the human condition in relation to the ongoing migrant crisis and part of her recent album WE: “Roger Goula and I have worked closely while composing and it feels like Frieder has continued the process with empathy. Frieder Nagel's rework both gave a new life to the piece but is also keeping a strong connection with the original work”, comments Masotto.


The italian composer and violinist Francesca Guccione debut album "Muqataea" is dedicated to the composers homeland Sicily and describes it through a point of view between reality and imagination. French imprint Whales Records by acclaimed pianist Julien Marchal releases a stunning rework compilation of Francesca Guiccone´s debut album Muqataea in 2022 including artists such as Robot Koch, Throwing Snow, Hélène Vogelsinger, Arandel and many more. Frieder Nagel´s rework of the track River at 6pm is a dark and melancholic trip to an imaginary shore - an ambient track about the subconscius as well as those human emotions, that lie hidden under the surface of our self-image.


frieder nagel x fukiko takase x daniel brandt


internationale gluck festspiele nuREMberg

Don Juan reimagened as a contemporary dance & techno acoustic dance performance premiered at INTERNATIONALE GLUCK FESTSPIELE summer 2019 | choreography: Fukiko Takase | music by Frieder Nagel & Daniel Brandt | dancers: Martin Anguili, Aika Tsuchida, Thomas Rohe, Sarah Enrich Bertran, Stephen Quildan | Ballet Masters: Po Lin Tung, Davide Di Pretoro | costumes: Tanja Jesek | dramaturgy: Rainer Mennicken | production: Internationale Gluck Festspiele | idea & project management: Frieder Nagel | musicians: Wolfgang Aue, Anja Schaller, Cornelius Bönsch, Daniel Brandt, Frieder Nagel | photography by Ludwig Olah

Frieder Nagel produces Podcast for the Resonanzraum Festival Hamburg

Frieder Nagel was invited 2019 to capture the spirit of the Resonanzraum Festival in Hamburg feat. artists like Paul Frick or Felix Kubin. The Podcast is told from the perspective of selected musicians of the Ensemble Resonanz for contemporary music and was produced in cooperation with the University of Music Hamburg.

New Compositions for Woodwind Ensemble By Frieder Nagel premiere at Philharmonie Essen

Originally commissioned for Reeperbahn Festival Hamburg by Bosworth Music new compositions by Frieder Nagel for woodwind ensemble and electronic live-set premiered at Philharmonie Essen in 2018. The performance was later invited to the Cluster Concert Series in Nuremberg.

Frieder Nagel´s Ostinato Overture got selected as part of Nils fRahm´s Pianoday Playlist

Frieder Nagel X David August X Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin Present "OSTINATO"

Frieder Nagel presents his first symphony "Ostinato" in a collaborative project with the Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin and David August. A live performance and hybrid force showcasing a 50 piece classical symphonic orchestra, coupled with the electronic arsenal of the musician - premiered 2016 at Radialsystem V, Berlin | Composed by: Frieder Nagel | conductor: Norbert Nagel | orchestra: Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin (DSO) | performed and recorded at: Radialsystem V Berlin | recording engineer: Holger Schwark | recording producer: Sebastian Nattkemper | scenography by: Tim Vermeulen (SIDF) | supported by: Holger de Buhr (VUE Audio).

Frieder Nagel x Werner Heider

Patterns, Cluster and Formants by contemporary composer Werner Heider and soundartist Frieder Nagel. An improvised live session at Tafelhalle Nuremberg 2013 searching for parallel soundscapes by merging classic piano with electronic.